The True Homes Foundation Scholarship exists to specifically advance opportunities for minorities and/or women in the residential construction and land development industry.

The Scholarship will be available for rising juniors or rising Seniors who have a fifth year left to complete their degree in a construction management program.

It is directed at students and programs that have an emphasis on residential construction.  We believe that this will help provide a solution to an ongoing need for students within our communities that we serve and the homebuilding industry.


True Homes Scholarship

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The scholarship is primarily for 4- year construction programs in universities within North and South Carolina but may be considered for other state programs on a case to case basis.

The Scholarship will be $5,000 for each the Junior and Senior year (total $10,000) and will be paid to the University from the True Homes Foundation.  This will be done in cooperation with National Housing Endowment (NHE).  Each year, True Homes Foundation may make up to 10 scholarship opportunities available to be granted to qualified candidates.  All distribution of funds will be done exclusively through the NHE and the university.


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The True Homes Foundation Scholarship application will close to nominees on Friday October 7th. Nominees who will be awarded the scholarship will be notified by Friday October 21st.

Application Requirements

  • Student must be enrolled in a 4-Year Construction Program or
  • Student must be a minority and/or Female minority in Women in Construction
  • Student must be in good standing in the program as demonstrated by GPA (passing) and Administrators (participation and performance).
  • Student must have demonstrated a pursuit of residential construction as evident by classwork, club participation, NAHB Student Chapter involvement, Women in Construction, Job experience, and any other similar evidence.

Documentation needed for nomination:

  • Cover Letter including Name, Address, brief background.  1 page maximum.
  • Recommendation Letter from Dean of Program or equivalent.  1 page maximum.
  • Documentation of current GPA and Class Schedule and previous classes
  • Professional Resume. 1 page maximum.

Approved Nominees

Nominees will be notified of acceptance by October 21st and requested to provide a 3-5 minute video describing themselves and their future aspirations in the residential industry.