What does True Space mean in our True homes Collections?

What does True Space mean in our True homes Collections?

True Space empowers you to personalize your home with any of our Four Distinctive Lifestyle Floorplans, True Space & Lifestyle Living Options and finally, Personal Space Options – all of which work together to make your home truly one of a kind – just like you! We’ll help you choose the lifestyle plan option that fits your personality, your style, even the type of entertaining you do most. true homes aren’t just about bigger dimensions; they’re about fulfilling bigger dreams.


In our Integrity Collection you can start choosing from one of our four styles for your main floor. Do you like it feeling Open? Transitional? Traditional? Maybe Contemporary? You'll know it when you see it. Choose the one that speaks to your heart and that's the plan we'll build on. Then, choose your lifestyle kitchen and your second floor, bedrooms, and other different living areas.


Next, pick the options that match up with your lifestyle, your family's size, even your work schedule. How about a home office? Or choose a guest bedroom, a home gym, or maybe a media room every generation can love. True Space and Lifestyle Living Options turn square footage into just what you always dreamed of.


Only True Homes gives you this option to make your home truly unlike anyone else's. It's your chance to request custom structural changes. Want a wall where there isn't one? Or less walls where some exist? How about an extra nook built in to fit a specific family heirloom? Tell us how you'd like to put your own touch on the floorplan. Only True Homes will make it happen.