If you currently own a lot, or need help finding one, True Homes is excited to offer comprehensive on-your-lot home building services. Choose a new home floorplan from any of 80+ Single Family Home plans and/or 23+ townhome floorplans. All with several different ways to configure the first and second floors to make it unique to you and perfect for your lifestyle.

Whether it’s a ranch, two story, basement, owners suite down, etc, we’ve got it all! Even the ability to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the rear of your home!

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Your lot, your vision.

Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or a great investment opportunity, we make it easy to turn your homesite into something to be proud of.

Coastal opportunities.

Build your dream home along coastal Carolinas Idyllic oceanside setting. We build on your lot from North Myrtle Beach to Hampstead. Coastal North Carolina continues to thrive, and True Homes is proud to build new communities that give more people the chance to call this region home.

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Whether you’re building your dream home or a long-term investment, our focus is on developing sustainable properties and bringing their investment potential to life. In other words, we drive for maximum value in the homes we build – whether they are for selling, renting, or living.

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Design Studio

We know you are unique. You’ve got a style all your own. So unleash your inner fashionista at our Design Studio. At True Homes you will work with one of our professional Design Consultants who will guide you through the entire personalization process to ensure your home reflects your personal style within your preferred budget. Because at True Homes it is all about U!

Meet the dedicated team ready to help you with your new home.

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Our Process

Lot Due Diligence

  • Legal Issues tied to the Lot or the building of the Home
  • Physical Issues related to the Lot or the building of the Home
  • Construction Issues (drainage, soil, erosion, etc.)
  • Main Cost Factors & Breakdown

Purchase Agreement

Once you have identified and purchased your lot, or have one under contract to purchase, or have completed the due diligence on the lot you own, it’s time to sign a purchase agreement on the home we will be building for you. This kicks off the journey to your new dream home.

Loan Application, Pre-Draw, Showroom Preview

Meet with your lender within 3 days and be ready to pay for your appraisal. True Homes will work with your lender to ensure that you are receiving a valid mortgage approval. Your goal is to complete this step within three (3) days of Purchase Agreement. Please be prepared to pay for your home appraisal during your loan application appointment. Appraisals cost approximately $500.

Showroom Appointment

A New Home Design Studio consultant will contact you within thirty (30) days of Purchase Agreement to schedule your selections appointment. Our professional staff will walk you through each step of the selection process to make your dream home a reality.

Final Post of CAD construction plans

Your personalized constructions plans will be completed and sealed by an Engineer within Fourteen (14) days of Design Studio selections. These plans will be submitted for building permits and will be used to construct your new home.

Mortgage Closing

Your lender has up to Forty Five (45) days from final CAD posting to give you the green light for True OYL to build your dream home. Closing must occur within this time frame to stay on track with our schedule. Any delays at this point are costly for us and for you, so we ask that you personally help in monitoring the progress of your Mortgage approval, and expedite the process to the best of your ability.


It may feel slow at this point, but True OYL is busy, busy, busy getting your home ready to start. There are a number of essential tasks that must be completed before we start your home.

Authorized to Start

Your home has officially been scheduled to start framing! You have officially begun the final phase of your home building experience. Your home is scheduled to begin framing in approximately 30 days. You will be contacted by your Personal Builder to schedule your informative New Home Review meeting.

New Home Review

Let’s get ready to build! (but let’s also make sure you meet your Personal Builder too). A very important and informative New Home Review Meeting will be scheduled with your Personal Builder prior to the start of framing your home.

Home Construction

Your dream home is now becoming a reality and we will let you know a closing date 21 days prior to Home Completion. The start of framing marks the start of your construction schedule. This step will be approximately three to four months, depending on the plan, collection, and style you have chosen.

New Home Orientation

It is time to get you introduced to your new home. Your Personal Builder will meet you at your home to demonstrate to you the key features in your home. You will also have the opportunity to make sure that everything was completed to the True Homes’ model finish standards.

Home Completion

The dream home now becomes a reality as you close on your home and get a new set of keys! This is your official Closing Appointment to take ownership of your new True OYL home.

Warranty Service

If any issues arise, our Warranty Team is ready to respond. Your home has been built and warranted according to the rigorous True OYL internal quality standards. Every True OYL is built to meet or exceed standards established by the local Home Builders Association and industry guidelines. Each True OYL home comes with an industry-leading, 10-year, third party warranty protection program that will be provided upon completion of your home.