Why Your First (or Next) Home Should be a True Home

Let’s Talk About Choices

At any given moment, there are about 9,700 airplanes carrying 1.3 million people somewhere overhead.

That means that over 9,000 flight attendants are hours or moments away from saying, for the thousandth time: “We know that you have a lot of choices…Thank you for choosing us.”

Every airline seems to agree this tiny acknowledgement is worth mentioning – all day, every day.

The truth is, any business could rightfully share the same sentiment with their customers.

Because choices are the foundation of the modern consumer era, and choices are everywhere.

Now more than ever, each of us are empowered to be thoughtful and discerning in deciding who to transact with. And of course, the homebuying industry is no exception.

At True Homes, we genuinely do understand that you have choices for a new home. And with each home we build, our understanding quickly turns into gratitude and appreciation.

Out of respect for your home buying choices, we’re here today to briefly highlight why True Homes just might be the best choice of them all.

This is The True Homes Advantage

What’s in it for you

More square footage means more room for life. With True Space, you get to choose extra rooms – extra space – without additional costs.

The beauty of having options is the ability to express yourself – and your home should be your ultimate expression. True Style is a reflection of that.

From lighting, trim, color palettes and more, your True Home will showcase your personal style (again, at no extra cost).

Everything we do we do with True Quality. We settle at nothing short of first-rate construction and reliable brand-name products – never a shortcut taken.

What else is in it for you

If you’re looking for a new home, chances are you’re starting to get a strong sense of exactly what you’re looking for. Usually, at the top of the priority list are big features such as floor plans, exterior designs and structural elements.

Beyond the more subtle details, we also offer and encourage personalization of these bigger, make-or-break features.

Perhaps you’d love a wide-open floor plan – or maybe one that’s more traditional. How about the exterior color and design? We think you might have something in mind.

This is all in an effort to give you more and more True Style, from top to bottom and inside-out.

The best part

We’re always proud to say it: we offer all of the above at what we call a “Make-You-Smile” price.

Personalization and excellent quality can in fact coexist with affordability. We’ve done it quite a few times.

How do we do it?

We’ve stayed private – and lean – in a landscape full of large, sluggish corporations.

We keep every home buyer close to heart, as if they were part of our family.

We encourage feedback from every customer, and use their thoughts to make sure we’re better every day than the day before.

And finally – we know that one size rarely fits all. Different families have different needs, and it’s our responsibility to build “just right” homes for everyone – whatever “just right” means for you.

But that’s enough from us…

Here’s what some of our homeowners are saying:

By far the most positive home purchase experience that I have ever experienced. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of our new home.” – Jared N

Our new home is everything we wanted and more. Being first time homebuyers we were nervous and unsure, but True Homes made this experience enjoyable and easy.” – Allen R

We are truly blessed to have found True Homes. We absolutely LOVE our new home, and I constantly talk to all of my friends and family about True. You gave our family a wonderful gift of HOME…so for that may the universe bless you all!” – Jaysen M

WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME! Everyone that comes over is very impressed with the quality and finishes. We loved working with all of the True Homes Staff and cannot say enough great things about the company. We were thoroughly impressed and would recommend True as a builder to anyone!” – Troy B

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