What Makes a Great Neighborhood?

The search for a great neighborhood can sometimes feel more like an expedition.

In the beginning, you may find yourself scrolling through what feels like endless options, pros and cons – stuck wondering where to even begin.

Or maybe you’re already off and running, with a narrowed-down list of neighborhoods that have won your interest.

In either case, the perfect ending in your search-turned-quest should have you sitting back, softly smiling and thinking, “I did it. I found a great neighborhood.”

Happily ever after, fade to black.

Well, True Homes is here to help with exactly that.

Today, we’re going to run you through our list of the top things to consider when looking for your perfect neighborhood – no matter what perfect means for you.

Attractiveness and Charm

John Keats once wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

If there’s any truth to that, we could all benefit from a little added grace to the place we call home.

So when you’re deciding on a new neighborhood – and a new home – try to adopt an “art gallery mindset”.

Out may pour questions such as: 1) How does the area make me feel? Inspired? Peaceful?; 2) What do I think about the artistic elements and the design?; 3) What other emotions and thoughts naturally come to mind?

The point is: the neighborhood and new home you decide on will end up playing a big part in your daily routine – and days add up to years.

So, it’s a huge help to know – with some certainty – that you have a real appreciation for their unique look and feel.

Fast Access to Life’s Demands

After a long day, the difference between making it to the gym, or cooking a nice dinner, can often come down to proximity.

Even the most steadfast among us know that long drives to a workout or complicated walks to the grocery store can make a persuasive argument to skip leg day and get some takeout.

And speaking of takeout, are there any good restaurants nearby? What about a hiking trail next to, or running through, the neighborhood?

I’m sure you get where we’re going.

For all of us, life demands (and suggests) different things, but prioritizing easy access to what you need is doing your future self a huge favor.

Lifestyle and Culture

Along with having a unique look and feel, neighborhoods typically attract their own small set of like-minded lifestyles.

The importance of finding fit in this regard is hard to overstate. One of the best perks of a new neighborhood is the opportunity to meet great people and form meaningful friendships.

And of course, this happens much more easily and frequently if your new neighbors share some of your interests and priorities.

So if you’re able, don’t be afraid to do a little investigating on your own. Often, a short drive through the neighborhood or a quick chat with the local residents will be enough to paint you a picture of the lifestyle and culture you can expect from the area.

Are your party days mostly behind you? Keep an eye out for red flags (and red cups).

Looking to raise children, and give them a chance to roam the neighborhood with new friends? This won’t be hard to spot, either.

Safety and Crime

Let’s conclude with an easy one.

Low crime and improving crime rates are clear-as-day indicators that a prospective neighborhood or new home deserves a spot on your short list.

Safety brings peace of mind, and who couldn’t use more of that?

Check out Trulia’s Crime Maps for a helpful tool to start your research.

Hang In There!

No matter where you are in your search for a neighborhood, remember that time spent in this process is really a worthwhile investment.

There may be no such thing as a perfect neighborhood, but following these tips, and focusing on what’s best for you, just might get you to 99% perfect.

Come visit us at True Homes to learn how we can further help you in finding a great neighborhood and beautiful new home.

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