Ways to Prepare your Home for Guests

Come on in

One of the nicest perks of owning a home is the chance to share it with friends and family.

And with the holidays around the corner, dinner parties, game nights and out-of-town visitors are about to hit peak season.

To get you – and your home – prepared for your guests, we put together a list of 7 easy tips:

Start with the Porch

Your front porch is often the first thing your guests will see, so why not make a great first impression?

Of course, it should be swept and cleaned, but you can also go as far as decorating your porch to the same degree you decorate your home.

For a closer look, check out our article on how to create a welcoming front porch.


If your guests will have their own car, make sure you have a place for them to easily park it.

In some neighborhoods, this won’t be an issue. But in others, where parking is in high demand, guests can struggle to find a spot. In either case, it’s a good idea to be ready with a plan – the first 10 minutes of their stay shouldn’t be driving around in search of a spot.

Clear Out the Entryway

Sure, the front porch makes a first impression, but the entryway is where guests are truly welcomed into your home.

Keep things sharp and cozy with nice decor, but don’t forget about functionality. For example, your guests may need a place to hang their coats, or store their shoes. And if you’re expecting harsh weather, a small rug or welcome mat can help keep out mud and water.


Your guests will appreciate easy-to-find bathroom supplies.

The basics, things like toilet paper and towels, should be both in abundance and far from hidden. Not only does this make their stay easier, it’s a nice gesture and it shows you’ve really covered your bases.

Optional, but no less of a nice gesture, are extra touches such as disposable toothbrushes, cotton swabs, lotion, and so on. If you’re willing and able to go this extra mile, it won’t go unappreciated.

One more thing: keep a plunger handy. On the off chance they’ll need it, your guests will be grateful to avoid having to ask.

Bedroom Basics

The guest bedroom is your biggest opportunity to make your guests feel at home.

Of course, the room should be tidied up and outfitted with fresh sheets and linens. But beyond the basics, do what you can to make the room functional and welcoming.

Here’s a quick list of options for you to consider: 1) Accessible phone chargers; 2) An empty trashcan; 3) Storage for clothing; 4) A clock; 5) Hairdryer; 6) Additional toiletries (razors, hairspray, aspirin); 7) A fan or space heater.

Light the Way

When you’re in an unfamiliar home, it can be tricky to get around in the dark.

If your guests need to get up to use the bathroom, or get a glass of water from the kitchen, you don’t want them to have to stumble around looking for light switches.

The best fix is to set up a few nightlights around the house, at least for the duration of their stay. Think of where your guests may need to navigate in the dark, and light up the path.

Kill the Odors

We quickly adapt to the smell of our homes – enough to where we no longer notice it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless your home has a strange or foul odor.

Either way, it might be time to freshen things up with deodorizers or air fresheners. There are many products and techniques for simply removing odors, which is a good place to start.

But from there, you can decide on a specific scents you want to add to your refreshed home, be it with scented candles or incense.

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