Virtual Home Shopping

online home shopping

Among the countless lessons taught every day by the current pandemic is the need for digital complements to physical affairs.

In many industries, virtual experiences – designed mostly for convenience and efficiency – are becoming, at least for the time being, the new day-to-day reality.

Markets everywhere are asking, now louder than ever, “In what ways can we interact with your business from the safety and comfort of our homes?”

The answer, almost across the board, has been either the adoption or refinement of tools built for better, digital customer experiences.

At True Homes, listening to the customer and offering maximum convenience is not a new idea. We understand the turbulent home buying process, and recognize the value in giving our customers as much as we possibly can – right up until they set foot in one of our homes.

While shopping for a home online may always have its challenges, we view it as our responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of technology to overcome those challenges as much as possible.

Today, our goal is to highlight a few of the efforts we’ve made, and continue to make, in providing our customers with a rich, remote experience.

Robust Media Galleries

online home media gallery

We believe a great home photo gallery should be professional, honest, and abundant. If there’s a home or a community you’re interested in, we want to show you as much detail online as we can. Robust galleries are among the best tools to decide if a home is right for you.

You can view our media gallery here.

Video and Virtual Tours

true homes virtual tour

For almost every floor plan we offer, you’ll find an immersive video tour of that plan. While photos do a great job of representing homes, videos convey the sense of place almost as much as being there.

You can view virtual tours in our media gallery, or find them on individual floor plan pages.

Detailed Floor Plans

Chances are, you already have a good idea of what layout and how much space you need in a new home. And sometimes, photos and videos lack those hard specifics. So to round out the digital experience, we provide detailed floor plans for all of our homes.

These, too, can be found on any given home’s page.

true homes floorplans

Virtual Appointments

Shopping for a home digitally is not about going it alone. Representatives from each of our Sales Centers are happy to help you any step along the way with virtual or individual family appointments.

To schedule, please call (704) 271-1191 or view our contact us page here.

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