Unexpected Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture

With each changing season, homeowners devour design tips to make their homes feel new again. It’s easy to become intimidated by the plethora of decorating tips and changing trends and choose to invest in all-new home décor.

But there’s a better way.

A more practical option is to rearrange the furniture you have. The simple action comes with some unexpected benefits.

First, by simply moving around the things you already home, you give your home a free makeover. The cost is time and physical effort. And maybe a cool drink or cup of coffee to bribe a friend to help.

You can rearrange furniture within one room or move it into different rooms for a total refresh, including wall hangings, curtains and other home décor items. Seasonal arrangements might make the most of the shifting light. For example, a bed that looks toward an Eastern window is a nice way to wake with the gentle hues of winter, but a bright summer sunrise may come too early for comfort. Changes in light might also influence placement for a favorite reading chair.

Similarly, focusing on conversational areas around a fireplace may be more important in the winter, while moving some furniture to the screened-in porch or a sunroom will work better in milder months. It may also be appropriate to go ahead and make room for holiday décor as seasons change.

Rearranging furniture rather than investing in new home décor saves money on purchases and can also extend the life of furniture and flooring. Regularly changing the traffic patterns prevents worn pathways from appearing on hardwood flooring, and you give carpets a chance to recover from the dents and divots heavy furniture causes.

For the furniture itself, regular placement changes can prevent the uneven fading of fabrics, particularly for pieces near windows. And rearrangements are typically accompanied by deep cleaning, keeping materials looking good longer. Moved sofa cushions often reveal crumbs to vacuum and coins to collect. And even the cleanest home will likely have some extra dust beneath sofas, chairs and beds.

Beyond the practical benefits of rearranging furniture are the mental and emotional ones. Determining new placements for furniture in the same square rooms requires the logic of completing a giant game of Tetris while at the same time inviting artistry and creativity. After all, there’s more than one way to solve this puzzle – that’s why you can do it season after season, year after year. For one afternoon, you get to use your brain differently, and that can be refreshing.

Rearranging furniture can even be good for mental health. Feeling stuck? The act of rearranging furniture is a physical reminder of impermanence. Seasons change. Styles evolve. Preferences shift. You can get out of whatever rut you’re in if you just embrace the change, and rearranging furniture can help you do just that!

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