True Homes awarded 2020 Builder of the Year by ProBuilder

We are proud to announce that True Homes has been awarded the 2020 Builder of the Year award by ProBuilder! Their credibility as one of the leading business sources in the U.S. housing industry speaks for itself, and now for us — we’re all about the people. ProBuilder has gone into detail to share our company’s story at length and they’ve highlighted the amazing results of our purpose-drive company culture.

They’ve divulged our top business metrics as well as our toughest moments and reveal why we’ve been successful as we’ve expanded across North Carolina and South Carolina. We’re truly here to work together to provide outstanding service and dedication to our customers. Through the good times, and the bad times (think 2008 housing crisis and coronavirus levels of bad), we have thrived because the people are the foundation of our team. That internal strength supports the homes we build and quality we deliver. It reaches out to every homebuyer. Everything rests on it.

It starts with the connection of our leadership to everyone who works on the team. Their support, involvement, and engagement are evident and impactful. Our closing manager Rosa White comments on how “they treat me like I’m a founder as well. They work right alongside you and roll up their sleeves…and you feel like we’re all in it together.” We are, as seen by employees like Rosa who has contributed to True Homes for 14 years.   Executive partners even sit down one on one with each employee and develop a personal “More Life Vision” plan and map out their journey. The most meaningful impact on each employee is different, from the company wide bonuses when we exceed our goals, to matching employee donations to nonprofits. Our interactions and deliberate teamwork encourages trust and communication between all employees in how they relate to each other as well as to clients, associates, and trade partners. Tracing how a strong company culture directly impacts the quality and success of our work is difficult, but ProBuilder’s award recognition does just that in their two articles.

We would like to thank ProBuilder for the recognition of how our company culture defines us as best-in-class home builders. They have done a tremendous job painting a picture of how our culture drives our success. One of the best takeaways is the term “COVID-19 agility” and how they relate it to True Homes’ successes this year even in times of uncertainty. You can read about the award to get more insight into our team, our mission, and the quality of work we do.

Now the only question is, do you want the short version or the juicy long version?

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