Top Kitchen Design Trends in New Homes in Charlotte

Kitchen Larders

Following the general trend of tasteful throwbacks to simpler times are kitchen larders. Before the glory days of refrigerators, larders were used to store and preserve dry goods. Now, they make a stylish substitute for a walk-in pantry or cabinet storage. Plus, they look great, and ultimately function as their own unique piece of kitchen furniture.

Alternative Kitchen Tiles

While the reign of high-gloss ceramic backsplashes may never come to an end, we’re seeing a rise in alternatives to the classic. Materials such as terra-cotta and cement are making their way into the new decade. And when handmade, colorized or customized, these materials bring a natural feel and beautiful look to those willing to step outside the norm.

Accent Ceilings

We’re saying rest in peace to the longstanding accent wall phase, and giving a warm welcome to the accented kitchen ceiling phase. Believe it or not, the right color on the right kitchen ceiling can make the space truly come alive. Either to add contrast and depth or to simply complement other colors in the space, you may want to consider pulling out the paint rollers and getting ahead of this up-and-coming trend.

Kitchen Wallpaper

You’ll have to bear with us here, but wallpaper is making a comeback. At least, good wallpaper. The truth is, wallpaper does not have to look like it did in the mid- to late-century. Nor does it have to look like it’s trying to be something it isn’t. And designers seem to understand that. Today, the options and quality of fantastic looking wallpaper have both gone way up, and precise cuts around cabinetry and appliances are shaping up to be the best new execution of this trend.

Contrasting Kitchen Metals

If you’ve about to drive yourself crazy trying to match cabinet hardware, appliance finishes and faucets, there might be a better way. With a keen eye, certain metals (from material to color to finish) can actually look better together than they would on their own – and certainly more unique. For a kitchen with more character, show off your design skills with complementing kitchen metals.

Exposed Shelving

For those that have the room for it, open shelving is a budding kitchen trend with the potential to stick around. For one, shelves have a look all of their own. A beautiful wood shelf with nice mounting hardware can really be thought of as its own design element. And what’s more, open shelves allow you to decorate and organize at the same time. They are the perfect place to showcase your favorite set of mugs, stylish storage containers, wooden cutting boards, house plants, and anything else you may want standing proudly in plain view.

Splashes of Color

Above, we touched on accented kitchen ceilings. The same idea applies here, but goes for other, smaller elements in the kitchen, as well. For example, you could paint the cabinets on your kitchen island, or use barstools with a colorful top or bottom. Even more subtly, you could show color with dishware or pottery placed behind cabinet windows or on open shelving. You’re free to get creative, but a subtle pop of great color makes for a standout kitchen – and one to be proud of.

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