Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind. One of the most obvious perks of owning a new home is that it is in pristine condition. Ideally, there are no surprise maintenance issues, looming renovations, or pending updates needed. Whether you’re in the first few months or years of living in a new home, there are small, but important steps you can take to keep your home in the best shape. Here are home maintenance tips and resources, so that you can contemplate a routine, make a plan, and easily maintain your home on autopilot mode.

Keep a clean home & keep it fresh

Cleaning can feel like less of a chore when you put it into perspective. It helps to understand that cleaning is not just for preference or aesthetic, but that it is important for the long-term maintenance of your new home. Make a plan to do routine deep cleans in order to reduce health hazards since dust can cause allergies and aggravate asthma. Don’t forget that vacuuming frequently will significantly help remove dust, pet dander, fur, dirt, and other contaminants that could affect your health. Dust and dirt are real pesky problems and over time wear they can wear away at the quality of your home fixtures and features. They can damage the finishes on nearly every surface, especially in kitchens and bathrooms on the cabinets, countertops, floors, sinks, tubs, toilets, and tiles.

Find ways to have fun with your cleaning and home maintenance this holiday season. If you are quarantining instead of socializing this year, you can throw a cleaning party for you and the kids instead of a holiday party for friends. If you tackle it yourself, crank up your favorite Christmas music even if it’s too early in the season and find satisfaction in the discernable difference you’re making with every clean surface. Consider it a present to yourself. Aside from those deep cleans, here are some quick cleaning tips for busy families.

Make a list, check it twice

Don’t worry about Santa’s naughty or nice list this holiday season, just make a simple checklist for your home maintenance needs. Making a list will help you stay on top of all of your tasks. The good news is that they are mostly small and easy tasks. But since the demands are occasional and infrequent, scheduling home care and creating a routine is incredibly helpful.

After you buy a new house, just like with a new car, you get to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the new car small, the clean interior, and the shiny exterior. But pretty soon it’s time for a car wash, an interior vacuum, checking the tire pressure, and getting an oil change. Don’t wait for the metaphorical check engine light in your house to come on. Check things out regularly to prevent larger expensive issues. Think of it as preventative home care, just like preventative healthcare check-ups.

Break it down

One way to break it down easily is to organize your checklist and even schedule check-ups based on the seasons. Get in the habit of prepping your home for the bitter winter and taking care of your yard in the hot summer months.

Organize your checklist into categories such as yard, exterior, and interior. Here are just a few examples of what you might add to your own list.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems: Schedule biannual checkups and servicing with a technician

Plumbing: Check pipes for leaks and the faucets for drips

Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector: Replace batteries once a year


Clean the gutters twice a year

Check the paint and the roof for signs of wear and tear

Review this helpful detailed list and narrow it down to maintenance requirements that are specific to you and your own home. As always, True Homes remains committed to providing new home locations across North and South Carolina with style, quality and unprecedented value. It is easy to see that at True Homes — It’s All About U®.

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