Tips for Hosting Your First Housewarming Party

You’re settling into your new home. The feeling of relief is washing over you. Perhaps a little worry, too.

If there’s ever truly been a roller coaster of emotions, it’s homebuying.

But the good news is: You’re due for an amazing milestone – the best first thing you’ll do in your new home. We’re talking about swinging open your doors to friends and family for the long-awaited housewarming party.

Because it may be your first time, we wanted to give you a few quick tips for planning and preparing your party.

How much to spend? Who to invite? That, and more, follows.


Don’t let the word “budget” worry you too much – a great party can cost next to nothing. But chances are you’ll be spending at least a little money. So, before you plan anything else, decide roughly how much that will be.

Budget will depend on how much you plan to do yourself, and how much you plan to request help from your guests. For example, it’s perfectly reasonable to handle a few appetizers and perhaps a bigger dish yourself, while asking friends to bring their own drinks. Or, you could aim much higher, and assure guests that you’ll be taking care of their every need.

It’s a spectrum, and you’re free to fall anywhere on it you like. But whatever you do, don’t do nothing.

Date and Timing

Depending on the size of your budget, you may want to wait a few weeks or months after moving to have your party. A home purchase, as well as the move itself, can be a drain on savings. And if you plan to go all out, feel free to pause and save up a bit of extra spending money.

Another benefit of waiting is the additional time you’ll have to put your place together, without rushing.

Guest List

Here’s the big question: Who to invite?

With a housewarming party, there are no hard and fast rules for who should be invited. Everyone from casual acquaintances, to work friends, to best friends and family are worth considering.

In deciding, consider the size of your home, your budget, and the overall vibe you’re looking to have. Cozy? Energetic? Generally, the feeling of any given party is a function of how many people are there, and how everyone fits into the venue.

Overall, there is a lot to be said for both smaller, more intimate parties and bigger parties. The choice is yours.


You’ve decided who to invite – now it’s time to invite them. Luckily, housewarming parties are completely off the hook on classy envelopes and any interaction whatsoever with the postal service.

So feel free to try an online invitation service, emails, in-person invites, or even a text message. The goal is to get an idea of how many people will actually be there, so you can better accommodate.

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