Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Back-To-School Season

There are many fun and unique ways to get your home back-to-school ready this season. Here are 4 back-to-school organization tips you can use to get your True home and family ready for the busy school season to come:


  1. Clean and Declutter

Spring isn’t the only time of year your house could use some tidying up! Our first back-to-school organization tip is to clean and declutter your home—especially rooms that the kids will use often during the school year like bedrooms, the kitchen, or the study. By purging unneeded and/or unused things around the house, you’ll be helping your family feel much more organized and mentally prepared for the upcoming school year.

  1. Take Inventory

How many times have you gone out to buy notebooks or pencils for back-to-school and realize when you come home that you already had some? Our next back-to-school organizational tip is to take stock of what you already have at home before you go back-to-school shopping—for both school supplies and clothes.

First, it helps to get rid of anything broken, worn out, too small, full of holes, or badly stained. Once you’ve done that, make a back-to-school list of exactly what your kids need using the supply list from your children’s schools and do your best to stick to it! Having a specific list to refer to when you go shopping means you’ll be more likely to stick to it which will help save money.

  1. Make a Calendar

A dry-erase calendar hanging somewhere in easy view, like the kitchen, is a great way to keep track of your family’s activities this back-to-school season. What’s great about having a dry erase calendar is that when one week is done, you can erase just that section and start planning the next week. Better yet, a calendar with a corkboard is great for sticking notes and reminders about upcoming events!

Another good back-to-school organization tip is to have a different-colored marker for each member of the family. That way you can easily see what each family member is up to at a glance. A 12-month calendar is also useful to keep track of things happening throughout the year, then you can transfer them to the dry erase calendar as they come up.

  1. Lunch Prep

It may seem like a big undertaking, but this next back-to-school organization tip will save a lot of time and money in the long run! Doing lunch prep a week in advance—like preparing things that will keep for a while (veggies, fruits, cheese and crackers)—in individual containers will make a big difference. That way, all you have to do the night before or morning of is to make sandwiches!

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