The Benefits of Active Adult Communities

If you’re 55+ and looking for a new place to live in this new stage of your life, active adult communities offer a unique lifestyle, with plenty of amenities that encourage residents to enjoy an active and low-maintenance lifestyle. Here are six reasons why choosing a community dedicated to active adult living is beneficial.

  1. Amenities: From outdoor pools, to golf courses, to book clubs, to walking trails, the amenities offered at active adult communities are as varied as the beautiful areas they’re most often located in. Look for a community that offers amenities important to you, whether that be a clubhouse for group classes and special events or acres of natural open space for you to exercise as you’d like. After all, active adult living can be as active or as relaxing as you’d like it. For example, Tribute Homes builds communities that offer something for everyone and every level of activity.
  2. Location, location, location: It’s common for active adult living communities to be convenient to shopping, dining, medical offices, and major highways as many residents are looking forward to living a more comfortable and streamlined lifestyle. That’s why you’ll find many active adult living communities are purposely located near vibrant destinations and attractions. From sunny coastlines to major cities, Tribute Homes builds in communities that are right where you want to be, whether you’re downsizing or buying a second home. That way you can easily spend your retirement years exactly as you’d like!
  3. Community: A sense of community is important no matter where you live, but especially when you choose to live in an active adult community. But it’s not something that just happens—it takes the right builder, the right location, and the right residents to make a just-right sense of community—like the ones you’ll experience in Tribute Homes active adult living communities. By getting involved you’ll find your new home even more enriching. Residents of Tribute Homes active adult communities will have access to Tribute Connect, a network of other Tribute Homes residents who are going to local events, meeting up for a game of euchre, or just chatting about what it’s like to live in a Tribute community.
  4. Age-Restriction: There are a number of benefits that come from joining the 55 and better crowd. The first is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people that share similar interests—which will make it easier to make new friends! Moving to a community geared toward active adult living also means you can be as active or as low-key as you’d like without compromising for the higher noise levels and hectic lifestyles that often come with living near young families, teenagers, or young professionals.

    The Bayside Living Room & Kitchen
  5. Low-Maintenance Living: Another big benefit of living in a home suited towards active adult living is that it will most likely be low maintanence to one degree or another. Designed with you in mind, these homes usually offer floorplans and features that accommodate active adults and contribute to a low-maintenance lifestyle. From having a ranch home or main-floor master to not having to worry about exterior maintenance, the easy living that comes with an active adult living home is a most welcome benefit!
  6. Incredible homes: From single-family to attached living, many active adult living communities offer a variety of living choices that are geared towards you. And while there are many pros and cons to downsizing, Tribute Homes offers a number of stunning homes that let you downsize or buy a bigger home with ease. From spacious homes that are perfect for entertaining to charming ones that are great for downsizing and living a simpler life, Tribute Homes has a number of homes across the Carolinas that you really must see.

There are obviously a lot of benefits to living in an active adult community. To see which Tribute Homes active adult community would be right for you, contact us today.

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