Smart Home Technology to Add to Your True Home

New Smart Home Technology to Consider Adding to Your Home

Many True Homes buyers choose to put smart technology in their homes for added convenience, efficiency, safety and fun. Here’s some of the popular home tech we’re seeing.

Smart Technology Makes Homes More Efficient.

As part of our True Green commitment, True Homes builds every home to high, energy efficient standards. Still, many buyers like to include technology to further impact their energy savings. One of the most popular is a smart thermostat that can learn family patterns and adjust the temperatures accordingly. Most thermostats these days are programmable, but they only bring savings if families take the time to learn how to use them and to adjust them according to their changing schedules. Smart thermostats remove the learning curve, the guesswork, and the need to adjust the programming with the seasons.

Smart sprinkler systems also have the potential to save homeowners time, trouble and expense. They automatically adjust water volumes according to the season and weather. And when manual programming is required, they can be controlled through smart phones. Compared with traditionally programmed sprinklers, these can save on water bills by avoiding unnecessary watering – no more having the sprinklers run while it’s raining!

Home Tech Saves the Day with Safety Features.

These days, the most talked about smart security technology may be doorbell cameras. They not only allow homeowners to see who is ringing the doorbell when they are at home, but also help them monitor for deliveries, porch pirates and random passersby when they’re away.

Another popular safety device is a smart smoke detector. The smart devices are more reliable than traditional models, plus, in addition to making a loud noise in the home, they send notifications to the family members’ smart phones, to authorities, or to other emergency contacts. If no one is home or if those who are at home cannot call for help, assistance can still be on the way. They can also be connected to smart lights to help family members navigate through smoke to exits, if needed.

Smart moisture sensor technology can detect leaks and humidity and help protect the family from health concerns – like mold or mildew – as well has high costs that often come with home water damage.

Smart Technology Brings More Fun Home, Too

True Homes buyers embrace the flexible spaces included in our floorplans, and many choose to use those spaces to create home gyms. Home tech introduces more fun and helps home gymmers increase their results at the same time.

Touch screen, wall-mounted fitness mirrors bring an AI-generated trainer into the home gym, while smart dumbbells and kettle balls count reps or automatically adjust their resistance. Smart punching bags and stationary bikes monitor workout progress and adapt for greater (or lessor) challenges, too.

After the workout, there’s nothing like freshening up in a bathroom equipped with smart technology. A Bluetooth-enabled showerhead provides cool-down tunes, or a color therapy bath changes the mood from workout to relaxation.

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