Simple Ways to Make a House a Home

True Homes has watched many homebuyers take the large, open rooms popular in today’s home designs and create cozy spaces where everyone feels at home. Here are six ways to make your brand new house feel more like a home.

#1 Begin at the bottom.

From the welcome mat that reflects the season to the plush carpeting that tickles a child’s toes when they get out of bed, rugs can make visitors and family members feel at home.

Many True Homes floorplans include connected great rooms and dining rooms. Large area rugs define the spaces and make them cozier. More often, people choose a large anchor rug then layering smaller rugs on top to provide further definition.

Experiment with colors, designs and shapes to both warmth and whimsy, a delightful combination that makes you ready to kick off your shoes and enjoy time at home.

#2 Layer the lighting.

In rooms where you want to relax and feel most at home, overhead lighting can be too stark. Try layering the lighting with a combination of lamps and accent lighting that matches the décor and purpose of the space. Task lighting, an old-fashioned lantern, or even string lights can both brighten spaces and set a cozy mood.

#3 Appeal to the senses.

When you step into your home, is taking a deep breath the first thing you do? Then you can understand the importance of scent! Candles and diffusers introduce scents to relax, invigorate, and more. Just pick the mood that helps you feel most at home!

#4 Pay special attention to the kitchen.

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Depending on what you’re doing, sometimes being there is more fun than others (really, does anyone like cleaning sinks and floors?). Make yourself feel at home in the kitchen any time by keeping the things you need in easy reach and storing them in colorful, decorative containers that reflect your style. The same goes for foods and drinks – a bowl of fresh fruit not only encourages healthy eating but also brightens up a kitchen island.

#5 Carve out space for your favorite hobby or pastime.

True Homes floorplans typically have flexible spaces that families can use for home offices, study areas, media rooms, playrooms or hobby rooms. It’s only when these very personal spaces are filled and put to use that many families really feel at home in their new houses.

Even if you don’t have an entire room to devote to your favorite activity, find a corner, a closet or a niche that can serve the purpose. Love reading or knitting? A comfortable chair, a cozy throw and a well-placed lamp may be all the space you need.

#6 Set out some things you love.

Display some of your personal treasures. These might include items from your childhood, artwork collected in your travels, or pictures of your family and friends. Include a space to display children’s artwork and school achievements, too.

Creating too much clutter in your home may make you feel stress rather than relaxed. If you have more than you want to have out at once, consider rotating some items by season. Carefully unpacking items to display every few months can become a treasured tradition in your new home, much like decorating for the holidays.

In the end, the process of creating a home is unique to every family. Adapting these tips to your lifestyle can help you feel at home in your new True Homes abode even before the last boxes are unpacked!

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