Protect Your Home When You Travel

Family reunions, vacations, weddings, long weekends—this time of year is filled with fun and travel. In fact, more than half of the U.S. population is planning on taking at least one trip away from home this summer. But one thing that you may not consider during these out-of-town excursions is home safety. Are you doing the home care and home maintenance necessary each time you leave town to ensure you come home to everything just as you left it? Here are some home safety tips from True Homes to keep in mind as you travel this summer.

True Homes Safety Tip #1: Make it look like someone is home

There are some simple ways to make it look like you’re home when you’re not—which is a great deterrent to someone who may want to break into your home.

-Timers: Install timers on the lamps and lights throughout your home that turn on in the evening hours at the times you normally would.

-Smart Home Products: Smart lighting can learn your unique lighting patterns and keep them going while you’re gone—most can even be controlled remotely.

-Curtains & Blinds: Don’t change the appearance of your curtains and blinds when you leave for vacation. Lock up your windows, but leave window coverings in the same state you typically would.

 True Homes Safety Tip #2: Get help from your neighbors

Asking a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home is a great way to ward off potential burglars.

-Tell them about the specifics of your trip, including which day you leave and how long you’ll be gone. Don’t forget to give them your contact info in case they happen to see anything suspicious.

-Ask them to pick up your mail, packages, or newspapers as this is an easy way for would-be burglars to tell when a potential victim isn’t home.

-The same goes for landscaping and snow removal: if a yard hasn’t been mowed for an unusually long amount of time or the sidewalks and driveway haven’t been shoveled, this is a good sign for burglars that no one is around.

 True Homes Safety Tip #3: Bring extra keys indoors

While convenient for when you’re in town, having hidden keys around your home while you’re away isn’t a good idea. Collect any hidden keys because burglars know exactly where you hide them—like under fake rocks or beneath potted plants.

 True Homes Safety Tip #4: Keep your plans off social media

As hard as it may be not to brag about your upcoming trip to the beach or post cute pictures of your family on vacation, it’s a good idea to save these posts for when you get home.

True Homes Safety Tip #5: Hide your valuables

Just in case someone actually does break into your home, it’s a good idea to store valuable or sentimental items in a safe. Better yet, invest in one that is securely bolted down so a home intruder can’t take it with them.

By keeping these home safety tips in mind, you’ll be keeping your current home or brand new True home safe for when you return.

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