Landscaping Tips To Get Ready for Spring

At True Homes, we think there’s no time more exciting than spring because it’s the perfect time to get to those outdoor landscaping and home maintenance projects that have been waiting all winter! Here are five of our favorite spring landscaping tips to get your True home ready for spring and summer fun:



1.) Keep your climate in mind

True Homes builds in some of the finest locations in the Carolinas, but no matter where your home is it’s important to know your climate well before beginning and spring landscaping or outdoor home maintenance projects. The geographic location of your home is just as important as the climate of your yard when it comes to choosing landscaping plants and materials. Choose plants based on how much sun and shade different parts of your lawn will receive.

2.) Know what ‘pests’ are nearby

There’s nothing worse than installing new landscaping and having pests—like wildlife, insects, and stray animals—ruin your hard work! Do your research ahead of time to see if you will need fencing, wire mesh, or natural deterrents to ward off these unwelcome visitors.

3.) Get inspired by your neighbors

True Homes communities are a great source for landscaping inspiration. If you already live in one, you could use the For some, inspiration comes from looking at neighboring yards, or traveling to other areas of your town to look at landscaping. While others seek inspiration from home and garden publications and satellite television do-it-yourself programs.  Often times a stroll through your local home improvement gardening center is all the inspiration to get you motivated.

4.) Don’t forget about future growth…

Landscape design isn’t like other home maintenance projects—it’s an ongoing process! This next landscaping tip is to remind you to keep the future in mind. When choosing landscape elements and sizes of plants, be sure to estimate how large the plants will grow in the coming years and months. If you plant what you think are small shrubs but later find out they’re actually small trees, you’re going to be digging them up soon!

5.) …and for future maintenance

Some home maintenance tips revolve around one-time projects like painting a room or choosing interior designs to suit your style. But landscaping requires maintenance and care year round! From pulling weeds, to watering, to replacing dead plants if necessary, it’s important to be realistic about the continued time and effort you can put in to landscaping. Of course you could always hire a professional lawn service to take care of your yard, too!

Even if your home is as beautiful and thoughtfully designed as a True home, a little landscaping goes a long way in creating curb appeal. We hope these landscaping and outdoor home maintenance tips have you inspired to take on some landscaping projects this spring!

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