Keep Your Cool with True Homes’ Summer Energy Savings Tips

The great outdoors is not the only thing heating up this summer. As temperatures rise, so do home energy bills. In fact, the only thing going lower this summer may be the bank accounts of homeowners everywhere.

One way to save green is by going green. Here are our favorite home tips to help the environment, ease the pain in your wallet, and keep your family cool.

Energy Savings Tip #1 – Turn on the Fans

Flipping on yet another switch may be counterintuitive when your goal is to minimize the electricity you use. Our goal here, though, is energy efficiency, and when you add air movement to a room, your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard. In fact, with a fan circulating the air, you may be able to raise your thermostat 4 degrees and still stay just as comfortable.

It’s tempting to leave those fans running even when you leave the room. Remember, though, that a fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature; it just creates a cooling breeze. If no one is there to feel it, a fan will not actually make a difference. You can save more by turning it off while the room is empty.

Energy Savings Tip #2 – Throw Some Cold Water on Your Energy Bill

Perhaps the only thing we want to keep hot in the summer is the water we use for cleaning and bathing. But did you know that your clothes can get just as clean in cold water? Keep those washing machines set for a cold wash and cold rinse year-round and you could save up to $200 annually!

Energy Savings Tip #3 – Close Your Blinds

Closing your blinds or curtains is an easy way to cut down on the sun and heat filtering into a room. If you’d prefer not to sit in the dark all day, be most aware of your southern and western facing windows, which let in the most heat. Northern facing windows allow only insignificant heat gain, so invite natural light in through those windows instead.

Energy Savings Tip #4 – Dehumidify!

When humidity levels are high, the air conditioner works extra hard to both cool the air and remove moisture. An energy efficient dehumidifier takes on some of the load, reducing your cooling costs and making your home more comfortable.

You add more to your home’s humidity level when you take a shower, cook on the stove or do laundry! Help your AC out by using ventilation fans to get some moisture out of the house.

Energy Savings Tip #5 – Turn Up Your Thermostat

Most experts say to keep your thermostat set at 78 degrees to achieve the optimal balance of comfort and energy efficiency. Many regular people argue that 78 is not realistically comfortable at all!

Keep in mind that for each degree you can manage to go above 72 degrees, you save up to 3 percent on your energy costs. Use a programmable thermostat or smart technology to keep your home a few degrees warmer when you’re not there and bring it back down just before you’re due to arrive home.

Energy Savings Tip #6 – Buy a HERS® Index Rated Home From True Homes

A third-party inspector tests and certifies each home built by True Homes with a Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS®) score. This scoring system rates homes against an industry standard established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), set as 100 on the HERS Index. True Homes construction consistently rates 76, or 24 points more efficient than the standard for new construction and a full 54 points more efficient than a typical existing home.

True Homes achieves these energy efficient standards through a combination of green construction practices, sourcing of green materials, and the inclusion of energy efficient systems and appliances throughout each home. The difference not only helps the environment but also produces thousands of dollars in energy savings for homeowners.

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