How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Retreat

If you’ve been hoping and wishing for a reflective mountain cabin getaway or a relaxing beach-front retreat, you can start thinking closer to home. The longing for a vacation often rolls in when you need a break or crave a change of pace. It comes in waves either when you’re busy and exhausted or when you’re cooped up and restless. Ride this wave out by turning your master bedroom into your very own DIY retreat.

A retreat should be more than just a resort hotel. It’s an intentional space to relax and rejuvenate, a thoughtful place for self-examination and mindfulness. Consider the full-on sensory experience you can create for yourself in your own home, every single morning and night. You deserve it. With just a few interior design tips and inspiration you’ll be able to make small, easy, and inexpensive changes to turn your master bedroom into your very own oasis.


Choose your colors and textures:

Envision yourself at your ideal retreat — what does it look like? Is it a warm cozy space with wood and warm color tones reminiscent of the forest and fresh air? Is it tranquil white and light colors that bring you instantly into that blue beach mindset? Choose your color palette and the materials of your furniture based on these preferences. Painting the walls, getting one new piece of furniture, or experimenting with different duvet covers might make all the difference.

Make it come alive with plants:

If you’re leaning toward that beach vibe, you can start to recreate that aesthetic with just one or two tropical houseplants. If it’s the woods, the mountains, and the winter that bring you that perfect sense of cozy you want, you can even find small evergreens plants that do well indoors.

Get the mood light right, morning or night:

Consider the lighting of your room for when you fall asleep and when you wake up, two important moments every day that mirror your state of mind. Explore ambient lighting for the reflective moments before you turn the lights off in which you slow down and start to unwind. Do you want a light with a dimmer and a remote so that you can turn it off when you’re in bed? That can easily be installed. How about a simple string of twinkly lights (also plenty of those with dimmer settings and a remote). If you already have a beautiful lamp you love, experiment with a different softer lightbulb tone. As for the first moments of your morning, just remember to open the blinds or pull back the curtains to let the natural light in your bedroom retreat.


It’s not all about how your bedroom looks, it’s about how it functions and how it makes you feel. A pivotal movie scene without music wouldn’t make as much of an impact. Transform your bedroom space and your state of mind. Whether it’s bluetooth speakers, Amazon Alexa, or a vintage record player, find your go-to music arrangement in your room so that you can create the soundtrack to your mood. 


Think of that feeling of crisp clean sheet sheets on your skin, or walking into a hotel room and immediately sprawling across an impossibly comfortable bed. You could make a more thoughtful choice of what type of sheets you want and whether you want a sea of throw pillows or a few top-notch luxury pillows. Consider whether you want to invest in a high-quality mattress or do some quick research to find the perfect mattress topper. It also wouldn’t hurt to throw a cushy rug, robe, or slippers in your shopping cart.


One simple but impactful way, beyond interior design, to shift your space is to intentionally add the perfect scent. Choose an essential oil diffuser, incense, or scented candles based on the time of year, or your preferences. 


Admittedly, this is not one of the five senses. But it might be the key way to turn your bedroom design into a lovely retreat away from the rest of your household demands. Make sure to feature your favorite colors, patterns, textures, and style. This is your getaway from the cooking, cleaning, and the quality and quantity of time you spend with others in your home. What do you want it to be? Thoughtfully craft your own interior design so that it doesn’t feel like an ikea ad or a hotel, it feels like you.  

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