Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day as a Family

Now that stay-at-home orders are lifting around the country, you might be at a point where you’ve either had entirely too much family time, or absolutely none at all (unless you count those technical difficulties on Zoom). So whether you’ve been in close quarters for months on end or are finally reuniting with loved ones, here are some ideas for how to make Father’s Day fun and fresh.

Go all out with an extra-special Sunday brunch

Although breakfast in bed and Sunday brunch are both Mother’s Day classics, they are perfectly fitting on Father’s Day too. Do you have a few father figures to honor? Make a gourmet buffet of all of their favorite foods! Don’t worry if the desserts are disproportionate to the vegetables. Here’s a list of 40 Father’s Day brunch recipes to get the delicious ideas flowing.

If you usually cook at home as a family, shake it up by ordering in from dad’s favorite restaurant. Have the kids dramatically pretend to be the restaurant host and waitstaff, serving him on a platter with a flourish. It’s all about getting creative and making it memorable.

If your dad loves to cook, you can butter him up by asking him to teach you his ways. If he is the grill-master, impress him by whipping out your own grilling techniques and a goofy new themed apron for him.

Go on a virtual adventure

What kind of adventurer is your Dad? Think of all the things your family usually does together, as well as some highlight moments of adventure from vacations or special occasions. Maybe even make a list of his favorite events and activities and brainstorm how to bring them to him.

Total adrenaline junkie?

Ride the Disney World roller coasters together via 360º interactive video tours. There is an entire Youtube channel dedicated to them!

More of an outdoorsman?

If you can’t get outside for a hike or a camping trip, explore as many as 18 National Parks with these virtual tours.

Little bit more Satisfy the history buff with virtual museum tours or even go deep into the depths of the Paris Catacombs. Push the bounds of reality with NASA’s walk on Mars.

Find even more options on this massive list of virtual tours at museums, zoos, and theme parks!

Bring on the games

Is your dad a sports fan? Since major sporting events are on pause, you can find recordings of famous games to binge watch together. When else do you get to watch all the winning moments at once?

If you’re ready to get active with your own sporting matches, design a family tournament or even your own backyard mini-golf course. A board game night is also a good go-to chance to bond and spend time together all evening.

Write a song for your Dad

Don’t worry if you’re not a rock star on the guitar, you don’t even have to have to be a musician. Change up the lyrics or even just the chorus to your dad’s favorite song and share it in your own way. Maybe you can even find a karaoke backing track to perform it with. It can be goofy, filled with inside jokes, or sweet and sentimental.

Step up the handmade presents a notch

Decorate the house with balloons, string a homemade banner across the room, and make your own photobooth with props and different backgrounds. Make your own funny Father’s Day card with puns or of course…dad jokes! Craft a coupon book, with all the things you want to do together.

Need some more inspiration?

Here are 50 more ideas each written by dads themselves. You pretty much can’t go wrong if you add thoughtfulness to quality time. It’s an equation for success to make your Father’s Day festive and fun for the whole family.  

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