Entryway Design Tips to Make a Stylish First Impression

True Homes offers floorplans with a variety of entryways, from dramatic two-story foyers to front doors that open directly into a primary open living space. Depending on the plan and the family, entryway décor can become a focal point of a homeowner’s dreams or a simple afterthought. Either way, here are three design tips to help you make the most of yours.

Entryway Décor Tip #1: Define the space.

If you and your guests step into a large room as you enter your home, this is where you can share a handshake or hug, help guests take off jackets and set down purses, or, for yourself, shrug off the day’s worries. Find a way to make the entry area feel like a separate space.

Rugs are an excellent way to define a space. A runner works well in longer, rectangular entry hallways or when you want to confine your entry area along one wall of an open concept room. Circular rugs have long been used in larger foyer-style entryways. While this is a classic shape and usage, circular rugs come in very modern designs that can fit into any style of entryway décor.

Lighting can also distinguish an area. For high foyers, a dramatic chandelier draws eyes upward and sets the tone for the space. Smaller areas might benefit from a pair of wall sconces over a table or bench. When entryway décor is part of a larger room’s aesthetic, a lamp that complements the general décor but is distinctly different helps delineate the space.

Entryway Décor Tip #2: Be thoughtful about your organization.

Think about how you and your guests feel and react upon stepping into the entryway. Is there a need to deposit keys and mail? To hang a jacket or backpack? To stash a wet umbrella? Plan for these things. Baskets, hooks or coat trees can be both stylish and practical. If needed rotate furniture and accessories according to the season.

If the family typically uses the same entryway as guests, plan for ways to stash the messiness of daily comings and goings. A chest with drawers can provide both a formal statement piece and a spot for convenient organization. One drawer can hold items anyone in the family might need – keys or a flashlight or stamps – while other drawers could be designated to each family member to hold schoolbooks, chargers, laptops, or other items that need an easily accessible home.

Seating is an important consideration in entryway décor, too. Family members especially may appreciate a place to sit while they put on or remove shoes. If space prohibits separate seating, stylish stools or small benches that can be stored under a table work beautifully.

Entryway Décor Tip #3: Be Yourself

An entryway, particularly if it’s a separate room, is a great place to show your true colors – or to experiment with the colors you might want to use someday.

You might try out a bold wallpaper or trendy paint color. The relatively small space means that a little bit can go a long way. And if you don’t like it, it will be easy and inexpensive to trade out later.

Just as it’s a great space to experiment, the entryway is an ideal spot for showing off the old, sentimental part of yourself. Showcase art or items you’ve collected while traveling that don’t really have a place in other parts of your home. Create a gallery wall with photos of your favorite people, places or sayings. Frame old family photos, your children’s artwork or pet portraits.

True Homes designers employ these design tips and more to create entryway décor that makes our homebuyers fall in love as soon as they open the door. Visit our galleries to see for yourself.

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