Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Fall

When it’s cold outside, nothing beats coming back home to a cozy place (or for your guests, coming over to one). To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of easy tips and tricks to refresh your home for the all-too-fast-approaching fall season.

Throw Blankets

There’s no use in fighting it – fall is coming. So instead, we’re here to fully embrace the fall aesthetic, and keep things warm and comfortable. What better place to start than with throw blankets for your sofas or accent chairs?

A couple things to consider with throws:

Texture: the look and the feel – With blankets, texture is everything. Think about how it will play on other textures in the room and, more importantly, how it feels. Even a great looking blanket that feels like 80-grit sandpaper is still a bad blanket.

Color and pattern – Remember, we’re refreshing your home for fall. So for color, think soft browns, burnt oranges, bold reds and warm yellows. Above all, get creative and trust your judgement.

Decorative Pillows

It’s in the name – “decorative” pillows are exactly that. Chances are, you already have some tossed out on your couch, tucked into a reading chair, or sitting as the cherry-on-top of your bedding.

In either case, decorative pillows can be an easy and cost-friendly way to inject some fall spirit into your home. As with throw blankets, color and texture applies here as well. Working with your furniture and non-seasonal decor, find some fall patterns and colors that complement the room in question.

Then, come winter, spring and summer, you can do the same thing – new season, new dec pillows.

Clean and Check Your Fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, why not get some use out of it? But if you do, it’s generally a good idea to do an annual inspection before you fire it up. Beyond simple cleaning, inspect the fireplace and chimney for blockages. If you have a ventilation issue, you’ll be grateful to discover it before you have a fire going.


Curtains are similar to throw pillows for two reasons: they have a function, but they also have a form. For fall and winter, you can swap out heavier, thicker curtains to further insulate your house, keeping the heat where you want it. And for their form – thicker, fall-colored curtains carry a lot of weight in decorating a room how you want it.

Prep Your Patio

One big upside to fall is a break from what, for many of us, can be intense heat. This gives patio areas a new appeal, especially during the day. So if you have a space to entertain or relax outside, decorate for the fall season with many of the same suggestions here on this list.


Although it may rarely be seen by visitors, your bed is a golden opportunity for seasonal decorating. Between the pillows, the comforter and throw blanket, the options are bordering on endless. When you call it a night, and go to bed in a room that’s just as fall-ready as the rest of your house, it can feel like a warm, cozy celebration of the season.

Fall Table Settings

Good food, red wine and great conversation. There’s nothing quite like a fall dinner party with the people closest to you. If you’d agree, consider picking up a few pieces to set your dining table for the season. Again, plenty of options here.

We’ll get you brainstorming with a few examples: placemats, napkins, napkin rings, wine glass charms, chair cushions and centerpieces for the table.

Front Door

Front doors and porches are a classic for seasonal decorating (think: pumpkins and wreaths). It’s the first thing you’re friends and family will notice, and sets the tone for your entire place. Even small touches will go a long way.

General Decor

Most of your favorite home decor shops are well aware of the changing of seasons, and the urge to decorate accordingly. One look around and you’ll see what we mean. For nooks, shelves, accent tables and the like, small decorative pieces can do a great job of sprinkling a little of the fall season into your home. The best part: these are typically low-cost.

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