Easy Ways to Freshen Your Home

As seasons change, particularly with the relief of cool fall days or the refreshing brightness of spring, thoughts often turn to home decorating. The problem is most of us don’t have the time, energy or budget for a full interior design makeover with each equinox.

Here are some actions you can take to freshen your home quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Mix Up the Colors

Any list of interior design tips will address color, and ours is no exception. You can always use paint and new furniture to switch up your colors, but there are less drastic measures you can take too.

Start by looking at your home’s accessories. Do you have throw pillows or blankets in one room that could be combined or traded out with those in another room or with some you’ve stored away? Mixing them up can make your home feel updated in just minutes. You might also consider bringing in entirely new colors and styles with the new throw pillows, blankets and kitchen tea towels.

In Fact, Mix It All Up

Don’t stop with throw pillows and blankets. Many lists of interior design tips also suggest you’ll gain a new appreciation for your art when you view it in a different place. Move some of the pictures hanging on your walls to different rooms. Do you have some you grew tired of and set aside? Consider hanging them again, perhaps with a new frame.

The same goes for 3-D art. That sculpture, vase or collection of ceramic cats will get new life if relocated. One interior design mantra is the rule of three – grouping three items pleases the eye. If you currently have items in that cat collection spread throughout the home, it may also be more impactful to display them all in one place, even if it’s far more than three.

For photos you display on shelves, nightstands or side tables, consider placing a seasonally appropriate photo to display over the one currently showing. With the next seasonal shift, add another appropriate photo to the stack. Eventually, with each seasonal change, you have only to trade out pictures in the frames to freshen your space.

Add Life

A bouquet of supermarket flowers can add color, life and movement to a room without breaking the bank. Consider purchasing a larger bouquet and breaking the flowers into smaller groups for several small arrangements throughout your home.

You can also add life with potted plants. Consider easy-to-care-for succulents, sanseveria (also known as snake plant), ivy, or peace lilies. If you already have plants, try repotting one or two in a colorful ceramic pot or a simple terracotta pot decorated by the kids.

You can add life to your interior design with food, too. A row of potted herbs on a windowsill brightens up a kitchen window, and a basket of fall squashes serves as an excellent centerpiece on the kitchen island.

Have Fun

You’ll know your efforts to freshen your home are successful when you’re having fun. Thinking about your space in a different way can be invigorating, as home decorating ideas build upon each other. And when you’re finished, even if the season ahead is a busy one, you’re bound to feel recharged when you’re in your space.

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