Best Tips for Designing the Perfect Teen Bedroom

As children grow into teens, one rite of passage is transitioning from the childhood bedroom their parents decorated into one updated for their new tastes and interests, where they’ll feel more at home and free to be themselves.

Of course, creating that space is not as easy as it sounds. Teen rooms are as varied as teens themselves, so it’s important that the teen is part of the planning process. Here are some interior design ideas and decorating tips that can serve as conversation starters to help create the perfect teen bedroom when the time comes.

First, consider the rooms many functions. Teen rooms are the original live/work/play space. Teens love to spend time in their rooms, so creating an area that’s conducive to activities beyond just sleeping is key. Think beyond well-lit study space to other activities. Many teens love inviting friends over, so provide a place for friends to sit comfortably (or parents, in case they invite you in for a chat!). Room to practice an instrument, set up a gaming system or whatever they love to do is essential.

While it’s easy to design zones for different activities in larger teen rooms, smaller bedrooms can create a challenge. A loft bed offers a solution, with space for a desk or lounging area under the elevated bed. Save more space by attaching some hobby-related items to the wall. A guitar, sports equipment, ice skates or ballerina slippers can hang on the wall. A bicycle can hang from a hook in the ceiling.

Teens are notoriously messy, so adding easy storage options for clothes, books, and just general “stuff” should be an important part of the interior design considerations. Built-in storage can save space and keep the room looking neat, but teens won’t always take the time to use it. Find other options too.

For example, it’s easier to hang jackets on hooks than on hangers in the closet. They work for keeping backpacks and purses off the floor, too. Baskets, trays, open shelving and stacked storage cubes offer flexible options that allow a busy teen to toss and stash as they come and go.

Almost all teens will eat and drink into their rooms, so accommodate the urge with foldable table or trays and cup holders that can attach to the bed or chairs. Consider a kitchen-style trash can with an easy-open lid to make it convenient to discard trash while controlling odor.

The most important interior design tip to remember is that teen rooms are perfect only when they’re perfect for the teen who lives there. When it comes to styling the room, the teens should take the lead to design for their personality. If the parents find the color choices too bold or dark, use them selectively on bedding, an easy-to-paint piece of furniture, or an accent wall. If the teen wants posters that the parents find cringey, select just a few and group them on a wall in inexpensive frames.  

Families can build long-loved spaces by planning teen rooms together, from the initial internet searches through DIY projects. At the foundation, choose classic furniture and storage that can move to the dorm or first apartment or, if the teen no longer wants them, can transition to spaces for younger siblings to come or even to a guest room.

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