Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Row of homes at Homecoming community in Charleston, SC

At True Homes, we have found that buyers of our new homes find just what they need in the suburbs, even if they thought city living was right for them. Here are four benefits our buyers discover when they move to the suburbs.

The first benefit of living in the suburbs: So. Much. Space. From broad streets to large homes to wide-open skies, the suburbs are just roomier. True Homes buyers find they can get more square footage inside their new homes plus more room to entertain or play outside. And the suburbs are more likely to provide easy access to open spaces, from parks to lakes to nature trails.

Second, True Homes buyers find these larger new homes in the suburbs more affordable. Much of the cost is a matter of supply and demand. In the city, many residents and businesses fight for a limited amount of premium real estate, pushing up the prices. In the suburbs, land is more plentiful. Even as more residents and businesses move out of the cities, there’s still enough space to go around in the suburbs, keeping costs low.

New homes, which are typically found outside of the city, are less likely to require repairs and more likely to be energy efficient, saving homeowners money each month. Plus, taxes are typically lower in the suburbs. In addition, some special financing programs, such as zero-down USDA loans, may be available to qualified buyers in some suburban communities.

Third, the new homes buyers find in the suburbs are healthier. New construction homes must meet high construction standards. Newer materials and modern HVAC systems make them easier to breathe in than their older, musty counterparts built decades ago. Outdoor pollution caused by traffic congestion is lower, too.

Living in the suburbs is also healthier because it’s safer. Generally, there are fewer property or personal crimes in the suburbs, perhaps because the areas are more open and less populated. Lower crime rates might also be attributed to neighborhoods where residents are more likely to own their homes. With less movement in and out, neighbors get to know each other and the area’s traffic patterns better. It’s harder for someone who’s up to no good to blend in!

In addition to these four benefits, True Homes buyers typically find better schools and more of a sense of community when they move their families from the city into the suburbs. That’s especially true in True Homes’ Lifestyle Communities, where amenities bring neighbors together for swimming, playing on playgrounds, gathering at community firepits, or exercising on the trails.

And here’s a bonus benefit of living in the suburbs – they’re typically not all that far from the city, after all! Many suburban communities where True Homes builds are only about 30 minutes from the cities they support. That means residents of our new homes can get to work, their favorites restaurants or cultural activities quickly.

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