Benefits of Buying a Quick Move-In Home from True Homes

For new home buyers looking to move quickly or to reduce the stress of building a new home from scratch, quick move-in homes from True Homes are just what the doctor ordered.

A quick move-in home is either an available brand new home that is complete and ready for the closing table or a soon-to-be-finished home where many, if not all, of the features and finishes have already been confirmed. Buyers may have the time and opportunity to select some custom finishes, but for the most part, they can sit back and relax while True Homes finalizes construction.

Settle In Faster and Set Your Schedule With a Quick Move-In Home

If you choose to work with a builder starting with home site selection and following all the way to closing, it will be many months until you are in your new home. Plus, you won’t know exactly when your home will be ready until construction is nearly complete. There are just too many factors that can cause delays throughout the process, from weather events to supply chain disruptions.

With a quick move-in home, you can set a closing date with confidence. That date can typically be just as soon as it would be with any home purchase, dependent only on getting the financing in place.

Knowing your closing date early also helps to lock in your interest rate right away. You will not risk rate increases coming months down the road, nor will you pay more to secure a longer rate lock period.

Make Your Move Seamless With a Quick Move-In Home

Sometimes, homebuyers need to sell their existing home so they have funds to put a down payment on their next home. In that case, when they build their home from the ground up, some families end up moving in with a relative or renting a home while their new home is under construction. They may have to put furniture in storage, pay deposits for new utility services they will use only a few months, and go through the tiresome process of packing and unpacking boxes more than once.

Available homes from True Homes solve this problem. You get the benefit of new construction and the convenience of moving directly from your existing home, saving money, time and stress in the process.

Quick Move-In Homes by True Homes Come With Professionally Designed Finishes

When True Homes builds new homes for quick move-in, we put our professional design staff to work.

When our homebuyers start with us early in the construction process, our design team guides them through making their personal selections. For quick move-in homes, designers are still involved, making the selections based on their years of training and experience with hundreds of homebuyers.

We find that many homebuyers like having these decisions already made for them. Some homebuyers find all of the choices that go into finishing a home to be daunting – from selecting flooring to choosing faucets to determining the optimal lighting for a room. For many, having these selections already made and installed in an available home relieves the stress they associated with buying new construction.

Start Your Quick Move-In With True Homes Today

When you’re ready to make a move, chances are good that True Homes as available homes right where you want to be. Check out our selections here.

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