Active Adult Communities: Everything You Need to Know

Active Adult Communities are a haven for empty-nesters and retirees, and for good reason. Also referred to as 55+ communities, they are exciting and enticing destinations for adults with newfound freedom, time, and energy. We’ve put together a list of things you should know about living in a 55+ community, so that you can navigate the options to find what suits you best.

Think more resort and less retirement home.

Retirement homes, assisted living, and senior housing focus on services and care, such as providing meals, on-site personalized healthcare, and assistance. Even independent living is a step past 55+ communities, since many are directly connected to adjacent healthcare facilities and assisted living units.

All of these options offer ease and convenience, but for different reasons and different phases of life. Active adult communities are all about the amenities and activities. Many adults decide to transition to 55+ communities after their kids leave the nest or when retirement is on the horizon. They usually seek manageable living spaces and more social opportunities than a regular neighborhood. Read more about the benefits of active adult communities on our blog.

Here are some tips for how to navigate the right time to consider active adult communities.

Communities come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Every active adult community is unique and dynamic, depending on the residents and staff as well as the offerings. The most obvious variances are in location, price range, community size, amenities, and activities.

A community might feel like an intimate neighborhood, or a large bustling college campus with all sorts of community centers and housing options. The largest retirement communities in hot spots around the country have upwards of 10,000 residents. There might be selections of traditional single-family homes, condos, attached villas, townhomes, or manufactured homes.

While some 55+ communities might function similar to retreats with peaceful days and quiet nights, others are more like high-end resorts with cruise ship level programming,

entertainment, and engagement. In addition, there are communities very specific to a certain hobby or natural setting, such as the many communities based around golf courses, lakes, or beaches.

The search might take longer than buying a house.

While the actual purchasing process might be similar to buying a property at a master-planned community, the home search is different. There are many variables that go beyond location and price range. Many people start researching communities and active adult living about two or three years in advance and here are some of the reasons why.

Find out the rules and regulations.

There might be freedom from typical homeownership hassles and responsibilities, but there are regulations and restrictions at every active adult community. Some are age-restricted, whereas others are just age-targeted and allow more flexibility. Most communities have an HOA as well as a board of directors to keep resident well-being and interest at heart.

Narrow down your search online first.

If you already have a defined list of what you want, you might be able to easily narrow it down online before spending time visiting different communities. If you know you want to live in an age-restricted community or that you prefer a single-family house instead of a condo, it’s best to start with these details. And if you’re really not sure what you want, doing the research on different communities can help you discover what truly matters to you.

If you’re struggling with the decision there are extensive resources.

There are websites and blogs entirely devoted to active adult lifestyle choices such as and New Home Source 55+ blog. In addition, The National Association for Realtors has certified Senior Real Estate Specialists who are experts in this niche but expensive real estate market.

True Homes offers its own style of active adult living.

We believe that active adult communities are a tribute to the good life. The homes in our Tribute Collection allow you to enjoy new friendships, experiences, and the perks of the premier lifestyle. We have even created Tribute Connect, a private social community made up of Tribute Collection homeowners who share your desire to connect through new-found communities. The homes themselves are affordable, energy efficient, and low maintenance. We always offer customization for your unique needs and unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Book a custom tour on the Tribute Trail to learn more about the way living options and communities we strive to provide for active adults.

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