7 Reasons You Are Ready to Buy New

Maybe you’ve gotten used to renting or living in your current home. Maybe you never considered it. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed about buying a new home, but just didn’t think you were ready. How can you tell if buying a first home is right for you, right now? Here are some indicators for first-time homebuyers that might mean you can stop dreaming and start looking for the True Homes new home of your dreams!

1. You’re tired of making costly repairs: older residences are notorious for needing costly repairs at the worst times. Even in a rental, there are minor things like squeaky doors and leaky faucets that need constantly need to be fixed. Imagine the surprise cost of replacing a 20-year-old furnace in a used home! Buying a new home will save you lots of time and hassle in the long run.

2. You’re living in a neighborhood you don’t love: used homes may come with mature trees and landscaping, but there are usually a lot of trade offs associated with an older community as well. A new home community, like the ones True Homes builds in North and South Carolina, will offer the latest amenities and community design, and are often filled with other young families like yourself.

3. You want a floorplan that better suits you: The only way to ensure a home will perfectly fit your family’s wants and needs is to make those choices yourself! By customizing the number of rooms, square feet, and layout of a new home, you can make sure it works with your lifestyle and needs for now and in the future.

4. You want to save money—and help save the environment: New homes often come with the latest in energy-efficient building techniques and appliances. Not only will this be better on the environment, but it will probably help you save money on monthly utility bills.

5. You’ve outgrown your current place: This one can really sneak up on any new family! As kids keep growing, or when you add another bundle of joy, you’ll find space is quickly in short supply. Buying a new home, with a floorplan and square footage the suits you, will make sure everyone has room to spread out.

6. You’re moving into a new stage of life: Whether you’re having kids or sending them off to college, life changes like these are a great time to reevaluate your current living situation and consider buying a new home that will better fit the next chapter of your life.

7. You think you’re ready financially: If you have some money saved for a down payment, have a decent credit score, and have a steady job, it’s definitely worth looking into whether or not you would qualify for a new home mortgage. Luckily, True Homes offers great value—new homes starting from just the $100s—for first-time homebuyers and repeat homebuyers alike.

Talk to a True Homes representative today to see if you’re ready to buy a new house at one of the Carolinas’ most exciting new communities.