7 Quick Ways to Brighten Your Home for Spring

Splashes of Color

yellow spring flowers on windowsill

All around us, nature is coming back in full colorful force. Brown leaves shift to vibrant green, gray skies clear to blue, and every color in the rainbow can be spotted in some flower, somewhere.

If there was such a thing, Spring would be the official season of bright, lively colors. So when it comes to your home, why not join in?

Adding splashes of bright color is one of the best ways to brighten your place for the season. From smaller details – such as throw pillows, decorations, and curtains – to bigger projects, like painted accent walls, the choices really are abundant.

But no matter what’s in your budget for time and money, even a little bit of color will breathe new life inside your walls.

Plants and Flowers

gardener plants flowers in wooden container pot

Welcome to growing season – home to perhaps the easiest time of year to keep plants alive and well.

If you’ve been thinking about adding or updating house plants and florals, now would be the time. Aside from the extra daylight that makes things a lot easier, plants and flowers do a great job of conveying Spring freshness.

For some tips to get started, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Growing Houseplants.

Table Settings

Spring table setting design from above

For those who like to feature in their homes a decorated dining table, Spring is the perfect excuse to update the table’s settings.

Think about the usual go-to’s: table cloths, table runners, placemats, centerpieces and dishes. Now, imagine splashes of Spring in those items.

When tastefully done, a Spring-themed dining table becomes a showpiece for your home. And for entertaining, it’s something for guests to appreciate and enjoy.

Spring Cleaning

While not the most fun on the list, a deep Spring cleaning is always a good idea. Without a fairly clean place, it will feel a bit backwards to start throwing decorations on top of it.

Do what you can to tidy up and organize. Then, go the extra mile with decor.

Rooms, Rearranged

Depending on your home’s layout, it can be really fun to rearrange your furniture and decor. Often, we become so used to our current arrangements, we fail to wonder if there might be a better – or at least different – way of doing things.

And either better or just different, it feels good. Feel free to ask yourself questions, such as: Might the couch feel better facing this direction? Would I like my bed centered on this wall? Or against that corner? You probably get the idea. Try it out yourself.

Maximize Natural Light

Living room with part of sofa in sunny day and white curtain.

Longer days and extra sun should be taken advantage of! Spring is the time to run through your home and look for ways to optimize the natural light pouring in.

Heavy curtains and furniture are two good examples of common problem areas. If something is blocking any light, look for an alternate solution to that item.

Store Winter Decor

It may go without saying, but as you bring in the new decor, it’s best to take out the old. Nothing will dampen your hard-earned Spring vibe quite like a brown flannel throw blanket and pine cone-covered door wreath.

Try to keep the theme consistent. Because outside of your home, a lot changes in a year. But inside, well, that’s up to you.

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