5 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year in Your New Home

For 20 years running, Pantone has rung in the new year with their celebrated “Color of the Year”. Over that time, Pantone has proven they have a rare knack for picking colors that stand out today – but better yet – stand the test of time.

To the latter point, they seem to be as convinced as ever. This year’s color, Classic Blue, is one they’re describing as “a timeless and enduring blue”, and “suggestive of the sky at dusk.”

If you’re like many of the world’s top designers, you’re probably excited to find ways to implement this color into your home. If so, here are our five favorite ways we’ve seen Classic Blue used thus far.

Kitchen Cabinets

Light and darker blues have made their way in and out of cabinet trends for a few years now. The new compromise seems to be Classic Blue – a sweet spot right in between light and dark. And it couldn’t look better. Bold, but not harsh. And fresh, but not overly playful.

Keep in mind, this could be an ideal time to combine two trends into one: Classic Blue, and painted base cabinets. For those looking for a more accented and subtle look, this is a great alternative to painting every cabinet in the kitchen.


From guest bathrooms to masters, even a small touch of Classic Blue can set the room apart. Here, you can think beyond only paint, and find ways to implement the blue with decorative elements, tiles, or bathroom cabinetry. Either way, your guests will admire and appreciate your placemaking ability. And if it’s your own bathroom, you’ll get a nice dose of pride every day.


Almost every financial company uses blue in their logos and design. Why is this? Because blue is known to evoke feelings of calmness and trust. What better place to evoke those same feelings for yourself than your bedroom? And if a completely blue room isn’t your style, tastefully chosen accent walls are still very much in vogue – especially with a color like Classic Blue.

Furniture and Decor

Getting Classic Blue in your home doesn’t have to come with the burden and commitment of painting walls or cabinets. An easier, and often lower cost solution is with pieces of furniture – particularly accent furniture. And designers are already catching up to the trend. Keep an eye out in stores near you for pieces in the Classic Blue family to add a little splash of color to your home, and save the masking tape for later.


For the extremely blue-loving and ambitious folks among us, Classic Blue makes for a one-of-a-kind exterior color. Of course, it’s either a huge job or a somewhat pricey thing to outsource, but if you’ll be painting your home anyway, it’s worth considering something unique and timeless. The truth is, HOA beige is lifeless. Classic Blue is energetic and bold.

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