5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

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Want to bring new life to your bedroom without spending an arm and a leg? There are dozens of quick, inexpensive ways to transform your nightly retreat without turning your budget upside down. In this article, we’ll zero in on our five favorite ways to spruce up your sleeping area for less cash—and in less time—than you might think.

  1. Get serious about decluttering.

Sure, this isn’t as much a transformation tip as an organizational one, but trust us: if it’s a peaceful bedroom you’re seeking, there’s no skirting around this step. Dedicate a day—or at least an afternoon—to cleaning out your bedroom. From your bedside tables to that dresser to that chair in the corner, decluttering and streamlining your bedroom is the first step to falling back in love with it. 

Besides, is there anything better than crawling into your bed when every inch of your room is spotless? 

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  1. Consider a fresh coat of paint.

If you own your home—or have sought permission from your property’s owner—you may want to consider painting your bedroom to give it new life. Whether you’d like to wallpaper an accent wall, paint an alcove, or cover all four walls in a dreamy shade of pale blue, adding color to your space is a simple way to personalize your bedroom.

To keep costs down, do the painting yourself. Most smaller bedrooms will take an entire day to paint, and you can expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars on supplies and materials. Still, if it’s a brand-new vibe you’re chasing, this tip will do the trick.

  1. Refresh your linens.

Sleeping with the same sheets and duvet cover for a decade now? Consider sprucing up your bed with a new set of sheets or two. You can pick a classic color or pattern you’ll love all year round, or even try out two different looks to switch between so you never get tired of crawling into bed. 

You can also find great deals on throw blankets and pillows that add texture, dimension, and charm to your space.

  1. Add a bench, pouf, or accent chair.

If your bedroom includes just the standard bed, nightstands, and dresser, consider adding an additional piece of furniture to the space. For example, try a storage bench at the foot of your bed, a colorful pouf near your dresser, or a boucle accent chair in the corner. These pieces create a more functional space and balance out the room, creating a more finished, curated look. 

For an extra-coordinated aesthetic, adorn your new furniture with throw pillows and blankets that match the decor on your bed.

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  1. Create a vignette on your nightstand or dresser.

Ever styled a coffee table? From gorgeous, oversized books to aromatic candles, when we decorate surfaces, we tell a story about who we are and set the tone for our space. The same goes for your bedroom. 

Now that you’ve decluttered that bedside table or chest of drawers, there should be ample surface area to create a compelling display of beautiful things you love. From framed family photos to a jar of seashells, set out the objects you love most in a way that pleases your eye, and watch these tiny, little details transform your bedroom instantly. 

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