30 Great Ideas for Family Fun

Think you need to go out to dinner, the movies, or anywhere else to have a fun night with your family? The truth is, there’s nothing like a fun night at home with your favorite people. In this article, we’ll touch on 30 great ideas that promote family fun for everyone under your roof. Best of all, there are ideas for everyone on this list—from toddlers to teenagers. 

  1. Finger-paint! Bust out the washable paint and a stack of scrap paper, and get to work.
  2. Host a dance party.
  3. Build a fort—then host a picnic there.
  4. Start a band. You can use pots, pans, toy instruments, spatulas… anything you’ve got.
  5. Make your own pizzas. (Extra points if you convince your kids to put broccoli on theirs!)
  6. Dust off those board games. Candyland, anyone?
  7. Have a movie night—popcorn and all.
  8. Sleep under the stars. Or at least make some hot chocolate, set down some blankets, and enjoy the night sky for a few minutes.
  9. Go camping in your own backyard. 
  10. Create your own board game. Have your family design the board, create the rules, and refine the game as you go.
  11. Host a photoshoot! Let your kids serve as fashion directors, photographers, and event producers.
  12. Spin around the globe—or simply open up Google Maps—and select a country at random. Try to cook a meal inspired by that region.
  13. Put together your family’s time capsule.
  14. Play cards.
  15. Have a cooking contest.
  16. Bake something really challenging.
  17. Turn your kitchen into a restaurant. Let your kids play chef, server, and host if they’re old enough.
  18. Bust out the terrycloth robes and host a family spa night.
  19. Take on a DIY project.
  20. Have a family Olympics over the summer when the sun sets late enough. 
  21. Put on a puppet show. You can order inexpensive finger puppets online, or families with older children can use old socks to create their own.
  22. Have a family talent show.
  23. Host a family book club. Find a book everybody can read, set a deadline to finish it, then come together to discuss the story. Don’t forget the snacks!
  24. Plan a scavenger hunt. Families with young children can work in teams. Older kids will have fun either setting up the event or solving the clues independently.
  25. Transport your family to another era with a theme night. The roaring twenties, the fifties, and the eighties are popular choices. 
  26. Make one of those fancy cheese boards. The bigger, the better. It’s an art form!
  27. Write your own set of lyrics to a popular song.
  28. Play charades.
  29. Write and illustrate a children’s book together.
  30. Ask your kids to dream up the perfect evening at home—and do your best to bring their vision to life.

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